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Understanding Government
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This directory deals with government in South Africa and the many challenges it has to deal with. South Africa comes from a divided past where different groups had very different levels of service from government. Our country has a very high unemployment rate and almost half the people live in poverty.
The guides explain the structures of government, the challenges it faces and the main goals and programmes that aim to develop and transform South Africa. It looks at the national budget and government income. It explains what is meant by “a developmental state” and the government’s approach to building partnerships for development, creating more jobs in the economy and working for a better world.








Understanding Government

Government and the Constitution Government spending and Income
The three spheres of government Economic development and AsgiSA
Elections in South Africa The developmental s+tate
Local government elections Government accountability and public participation
Party agent’s guide for national elections SA and the world
Intergovernmental relations and planning The Public Service
Policy and law making process Batho Pele
Vision and key programmes of government Combating corruption in government